Continuous integration

Our continuous integration server, sponsored by JetBrains, builds Groovy against multiple JDK versions, as well as some projects from the community tested against development versions of Groovy:

Groovy builds

Build nameStatus
Groovy master, JDK 11
Groovy master, JDK 8
Groovy 3.0.X, JDK 8
Groovy 2.5.X, JDK 8
Groovy 2.5.X, JDK 11
Groovy 2.4.X, JDK 8

Community joint builds

Build nameStatus
Grails 3.2.x, Groovy 2.4.X
GORM 6.1.x, Groovy 2.4.X
Nextflow master, Groovy 2.4.X
Ratpack master, Groovy 2.4.X

The Groovy development team is keen to test Groovy development versions against important ecosystem projects. If you want your project to be added to the list, please contact us on the development mailing list.